Melamine Doors & Panels

The two essential ingredients for kitchen environments, quality appearance and practicality, are inherent to polytec’s MELAMINE doors & panels.

These products provide a durable, hygienic and low maintenance solution for vertical surface elements.

A seductive variety of timeless neutral colours and decorative finishes are offered in the polytec MELAMINE doors & panels range. Choices include: Texture, Matt, Ashgrain, Finegrain and Sheen. The doors and panels are also designed to mix, match and contrast with polytec’s vast BENCHTOPS & laminate colour range.

Edging options for doors add another expressive detail and enhanced durability to kitchen quality. Square edge doors, with a 1mm edge tape will resonate with designers and customers who relish a clean lined aesthetic. The new Bevel edge door profile provides a sleek, minialist and handle-free design to create a modern space with clean flowing lines.

What are Melamine doors & panels ?

Melamine doors and panels are made from resin impregnated decorative paper bonded onto Particle board or MDF substrate applied by heat and pressure. Melamine is know for it’s properties like scratch resistance, durabilty and moisture resistance. The doors and panels can only have a flat surface face unlike Thermolaminated doors which can be routed on the face.

Melamine doors are edged with a matching 1mm PVC, this protects the edge and prevent chips or cracked sometimes found on painted doors.

All polytec doors are Australian made and owned and come with a limited 7 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Melamine Doors & Panels