Likewood 2D+

Likewood 2D+ is the perfect alternative to solid timber & timber veneers giving the appearance, consistancy of grain features & uniformity in colour. Likewood 2D+ is an Olefin film containing no PVC with an Electron Beam (EB) clear cured surface. The clear coated EB surface technology enhances the product durability and wearability making it suitable for a wide range of interior applications from kitchen doors, wardrobes, home furniture, commercial shop and office fit-outs, internal doors, hotels and acoustic panels giving you a broad array of applications.

Stocked in 2400mm x 1200mm x 18mm E0 MR MDR, other sizes and thicknesses are available on request.

What is EB (Electron Beam) coating technology?

A technology used for hardening resin by exposing it to an electron beam. Products to which EB’s are applied are more resistant against scratching and dirt when compared with those coated with urethane and UV (Ultra-violet) resin, and are highly durable and of a practical performance level while also maintaining superior quality stability. EB coating technology is environmentally friendly, allowing for energy saving during the manufacturing process along with a reduction in CO2 emissions, and solvent-free coating.

In addition to the “woodgrain printing layer,” and the surface “EB coating layer,” we also apply an embossed coating matching each specific woodgrain, which is a “real finish layer,” that brings the feel of the wood closer to the irregularity of natural wood.

Likewood 2D+