Vacuum Formed Doors

Our range of vacuum formed doors offer you a wide selection of modern designs, colours, and edge profiles. Doors are available with a face routered design or plain, along with a range of edge profiles and colours, giving you varied options for your new kitchen project.

Tesrol is renowned throughout the industry for its high standard, quality vacuum formed doors. At Tesrol we have been producing high quality vacuum formed doors for over two decades. With this comes integrity, knowledge, and experience in all of our manufacturing processes of vacuum formed doors.

Our doors are produced with technologically advanced machinery from Germany and we only use the highest grade materials to ensure the finished product reflects our brand values. If it’s a vacuum formed door for your kitchen, make sure it is Tesrol, the brand you can trust and backed by our 7 year warranty.

What are the features of Vacuum Formed?

  • Can be used internally in a range of household and commercial applications. Such as kitchens, office furniture, wall cladding, wardrobe doors, and more
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Diverse colour and finish range available
  • Hard wearing and resistant
  • European quality, Australian manufactured product
  • Vacuum Formed is backed by Tesrol’s seven year manufacturer’s warranty
Vacuum Formed Doors