The hard facts! Natural stone vs engineered stone benchtops

Thanks to Smartstone’s clever quartz engineering technology, you can enjoy the prestigious beauty of marble without its drawbacks – and with the very special benefits that come with quartz. Here are a few hard facts to help you make a smarter choice.

1 Smartstone is more durable

Unlike Smartstone, marble is prone to staining, chipping and cracking. Smartstone is easier to maintain and never needs sealing or waxing; not the case with high-maintenance marble.

2 Smartstone is more affordable

Marble is expensive while Smartstone is very cost-effective. Further savings can be made choosing our larger slab size which also delivers greater design options.

3 Smartstone is more sustainable

Marble is considered to be an unsustainable material as it is a non-renewable resource while quartz is the most abundant material on earth.

Like to learn more about how Smartstone surfaces stack up against natural stone?

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The hard facts! Natural stone vs engineered stone benchtops