Laminate Benchtops by Polytech

polytec’s BENCHTOPS & laminate range is peerless. There’s no less than 120 realistic stone prints and neutral solid colours in polytec’s BENCHTOPS & laminate range in concert with the compelling timber inspired RAVINE range.

A distinguishing feature of polytec’s BENCHTOPS & laminate is the exceptional colour depth and clarity that’s achieved, which is akin to natural materials.

polytec BENCHTOPS & laminate encapsulate stylish and affordable luxury for differing individual budgets and aesthetic inclinations, befitting the Australian lifestyle.

The reliable performance of polytec BENCHTOPS & laminate is attested by a 7-year warranty.

Furnishing designers and customers with the finest toolkit and maximum design flexibility, polytec BENCHTOPS & laminate are offered in three thicknesses and eight different profiles. They also serve as a ready accompaniment to polytec’s MELAMINE doors & panels.

Laminate Benchtops by Polytech